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Manchester Showroom

By |January 12, 2022|News|

In line with our commitment to collaboration, we are excited to be contributing to the Material Source Studio. An exclusive [...]


By |January 12, 2022|News|

Collaboration is an essential force in modern design, driving creators to break out of their routine processes, articulate their concepts [...]

In-House Studio

By |January 12, 2022|News|

The aesthetic and textural aspects of our fabric collections are as important to us as their technical qualities. Creating interior [...]

ReMake & Custom

By |January 12, 2022|News|

ReMake ReMake marks a turning point in bespoke fabric design. A UK first, Remake by Panaz is a full fabric [...]

Printed Options

By |January 12, 2022|News|

Base Cloths With an extensive range of base cloth options, you can select any of our print designs in any [...]

Our Facilities

By |January 12, 2022|News|

Our Facilities Manufacturing has always been an integral part of what Panaz stands for. Since 1985, we have been producing [...]

Performance Finishes

By |January 12, 2022|News|

For over 30 years, our dedication to providing our customers with textile options with the highest levels of technical performance [...]

Light Reflective Values

By |January 12, 2022|News|

Light Reflective Values As leading providers of contract textiles to healthcare environments, we know that it's not just the technical [...]


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