Digital Print

Create amazing digital printed designs in Wide or Narrow Width, amplifying your brand with our eco-friendly digital printing service. A selection of over 20 base cloths are available and in stock, including Upholsteries, Blackouts & Dimouts.

Digital printing on fabric gives you total freedom with how your end product will look. The process involves transferring a digitised image from a computer file directly onto the material to create stunning and effective designs. If you’re looking for a fabric printing provider, you’ll need someone with the expertise to deliver precisely what you want, when you need it. You need to work with Panaz.

As specialist contract fabrics manufacturers, design and delivery are just a couple of our many strong points. We’ve been leading the way for decades, so you can be confident you’re in extremely safe hands. Boasting a wide range of facilities and options with complete customisation, we’re perfectly placed to assist with everything you need. What’s more, we have an in-house printing and design studio which means we’re able to operate with an incredibly quick turnaround. A complete service tailored just for you. Total flexibility delivered when you want it — that’s the Panaz way.

Eco-Friendly Digital Fabric Printing

At Panaz, we’re passionate about sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. That’s why every single printed fabric in our factory is created using a sublimatic transfer process. This technique is completely waterless and contains absolutely no harmful chemicals.

Other printing processes may use water or harsh chemicals which are extremely bad for the environment. This is something we’ve never done. Our eco-friendly digital fabric printing process has always sought to be sustainable, and that will never change. Good for the planet and exceptional quality for you.

Our Facilities

As a company that has lived and breathed the fabrics industry for decades, we’ve developed cutting-edge facilities that guarantee the highest quality every single time. The fact that everything is in-house means we can cope with even the most tight of turnaround times.

Printed Options

From basecloth and wide width, to railroading and beyond, we have a wide range of digital fabric printing options for you to choose from. Learn about our printed options and how to select the right ones to suit your design and performance requirements.

Custom Print & ReMake

We make it easier to create your own bespoke textiles, with both our team of in-house custom designers and ReMake, our pioneering online platform for bespoke contract fabrics.

Speak to an Expert

If you’re looking to create bespoke fabrics using our digital printing service, get in touch with our team today and we’ll make it happen.