Panaz are proud to be choosing a path of Sustainability. This includes working in partnership with the Ribble Rivers Trust, a UK-based charity that is working to improve, protect and promote local rivers and wildlife. The installation of bee hives on our site to encourage bio-diversity, as well as the generation of our power through solar energy. Watch this space for more of our Sustainability initiatives.

At Panaz we are proud of our legacy. Ever since the business was first founded as fabric suppliers in the UK back in 1986, we have constantly strived to put sustainability at the forefront of what we do. At the time, this meant utilising revolutionary dry printing methods — a method that was unheard of at the time, but we trail blazed the way ensuring no harmful chemicals or water was used. Just another example of Panaz leading the way.

We have recently invested in solar panels at our head office in Lancashire, UK, and we are now running our manufacturing facility, warehousing and offices on 100% solar energy. Hybrid and EV vehicles are currently being rolled out across our entire fleet, and by 2025 we will have moved away completely from fossil fuels.

Tree Planting with the Ribble Rivers Trust

Maintaining our Bee Hives on site at Panaz HQ / Hapton

Our Solar Panels, generating 52,000 Watts of energy per month. Harnessing power from the sun.

“We will seek to promote sustainable development in everything we do.” – Panaz Sustainability Mission Statement

We are not only committed to sustainable ethics and standards of practice in our operations but also in the fabrics we design and produce. In 2018 we developed and introduced ecoTWILL™, the industry’s first 100% recycled base cloth, which is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. In addition our products are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials ensuring no waste going to landfill. Any offcuts or end of line fabrics are used either for sampling or sent to partner companies to use for up-cycling products for local charities — no fabric wasted!

Our sustainability pledge is to all of our customers, our suppliers, and our workforce and is focused not on a one-time change, but on continuous improvement across the board. It confirms our commitment to always seek new, improved solutions for our operation — from waste management to pollution and emissions. We also promise to comply with all environmental legislation and codes of practice, train our team on better sustainable practices, as well as constantly monitor our environmental performance.

We believe that this not only sets us apart from other global contract fabric suppliers, but on the global stage, as well as ensuring that Panaz fulfils and even succeeds our own inbuilt ethical standard.

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