By giving you the platform to recolor and rework any and all Panaz print designs, ReMake allows you to realise your true vision, without compromise.

Found the perfect fabric design or base cloth but are finding that the color just isn’t quite right? Perhaps you want to make the design more unique to you? Upon its creation, the Panaz ReMake service marked a significant turning point in bespoke design in the global textile industry. A first of its kind, ReMake is a fully customisable fabrics service. From concept to delivery, you are able to have it entirely your way through our unique and easy-to-use online platform. With ReMake, designing bespoke prints for your projects has never been easier, quicker, or more enjoyable. Plus, thanks to the addition of sampling your designs, you can be absolutely certain in your design before sending it to production.

Through ReMake, Panaz saw an opportunity to provide our customers with total flexibility. You can adapt and transform our designs from a desktop, a laptop, or even a mobile device so you can fulfil your vision whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the move.

Panaz ReMake: Have it Your Way

With a simple, easy to use layout, ReMake allows you to express your individuality and creativity and truly make your designs your own. Creating bespoke prints exactly how you want them has never been simpler.

Create and finalise your design on our ReMake platform, and once you’re happy, our wide range of Panaz base cloths mean that your design can be printed to perfectly suit your end use — from drapery and upholstery to beddings and blinds. Have it done the right way, have it done your way. To get started, request your ReMake account, as well as a ReMake Color Atlas and Basecloth Swatchbook pack by emailing us at

Panaz ReMake in Action

For a glimpse into what can be achieved using our ReMake platform, check out the transformation of El Hefe Supermacho Taqueria, one of the most visited nightclub and restaurants in Arizona. The refit was intended to reimagine and update the already popular location with all-new eye-catching interiors suitable for daytime dining and nighttime parties alike.

Thanks to ReMake, El Hefe was transformed — with exciting custom fabrics that can hold their own visually against anything on the market, without having to compromise the practical needs of everyday use in a busy hospitality setting.

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