Shieldplus Infection Control

ShieldPlus by Panaz is a fast acting, long-lasting, durable, effective protection against harmful bacteria and viruses without sacrificing the look and feel of our fabrics. ShieldPlus is safe for the planet and uses no harmful chemicals. It is available as standard on many of our fabrics and Base Cloths and as an optional extra on others.

You’ve probably heard of the saying “coughs and sneezes spread diseases”, however evidence suggests that contaminated surfaces will do the same. Research shows that between 19-40% of contamination is actually attributed to the immediate environment. This is particularly important for the healthcare and hospitality industries, where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. As a result companies in these industries and beyond are looking for fabrics and materials that can help in the fight against infection. That’s where ShieldPlus by Panaz comes in.

One of our most groundbreaking innovations, ShieldPlus is the perfect material and cleaning system for the healthcare, hospitality and workspace sectors. Its unique antimicrobial technology is designed to instantly kill potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses—including MRSA, C-Difficile, and the Coronavirus. When only the best will do, you have to come to Panaz.

Not All Antimicrobial Solutions are the Same

Our ShieldPlus fabrics have been utilised with great success across healthcare, hospitality, and workspaces for decades.

ShieldPlus is different to other solutions on the marketplace. The technology is applied directly to Panaz fabrics during manufacturing to create a covalent bond that permanently fixes the antimicrobial onto the fabric. Shieldplus is water-based and non-depleting, giving the long-lasting protection needed. Finally unlike other solutions, ShieldPlus instantly kills perfect for high traffic environments.

ShieldPlus Antimicrobial Cleaning Systems

As well as directly impregnating our fabrics with our ShieldPlus technology, we also offer aportable solution for added protection.

Our ShieldPlus Protect and ShieldPlus Laundry products are antimicrobial cleaning systems that can be added to your wash to provide highly-effective coverage to clothing, sheets, furniture, and any surface in your home or business.

Protect is a water-based technology that forms a protective barrier designed to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 immediately on contact.

A light spray of ShieldPlus will offer up to 90 days of protection, as well as effective stain resist properties. Meanwhile, ShieldPlus Laundry is designed to not only provide additional protection against harmful bacterias and viruses, but also add a new level of cleanliness to your laundry.

Speak to an Expert

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